NEW! Donald's Play House ...

Cats love boxes. We got this from an extremely credible source.

We did a really good job designing this playhouse, which by the way, is so tremendous that your cat's head will spin. 

Richly appointed in a natural cardboard hue, your cat will enjoy the spacious emptiness inside Donald's head. We've included a full-sized replica of Donald's brain that's strategically dangling from the ceiling! Made with organic catnip for your cat's intellectual stimulation. 

When properly popped out, Donald's perfectly-sized ears (and we mean really, really perfect) become peek-a-boo windows, allowing for a cross-breeze through his cardboard cranium. 

Our amazing playhouse also features a penthouse (the top), with an unbelievably cushy "rug" of brilliant yellow plush that creates the best cat perch ever! And it holds up to 40 lbs! This is prime real estate, Baby! Nothing fake about this, folks.  

Now release the kitty and watch history happen! 

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FUZZU Toys / Donald's Play House!

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